Dan Schiro

As the owner of Code Blue, I knew there was a need for Code Blue after spending countless hours fixing
friend's and family's computers that were supposedly fixed by "tech experts" and computer repair chains.

Once upon a time I worked for one of these computer repair chains, so I have first hand knowledge what
goes on. I have since moved on: I received my B.S. from Northern Illinois University in Electrical

I am an expert in the embedded systems networking and IT fields.  I am A+PLUS certified and have 15
years experience in enterprise IT deployments, PC repair, and a wide range of software design and
repair including SQL databases, HTML design, and embedded real-time operating systems. My broad
and in-depth skill set allows me to quickly troubleshoot and fix a wide range of computer related
problems, succeeding where others have failed.

Checkout my colleague's experience below and you will agree that we have the skill sets needed to
tackle any problem.
When Your Computer Needs Help - Stat!
Bob Cash

Bob has many years of military and civilian IT service experience.  His broad experience covers direct
support for PC's, Servers, and Laptops, Tier I/II/III support for Microsoft Exchange Server 2003, Active
Directory, Microsoft Server 2000/2003, experience deploying and supporting VMWare FSX/ESC
servers, local and remote Microsoft Baseline Security Analysis, critical infrastructure monitoring security
and operations, remote systems administration including security patching and updates, local and
remote security template management, automated monitoring via HPOV and Nagios, Sun Virtual Box,
change management utilizing HPOpen View, and training and experience with component level
communications electronics repair.

Bob is also a trained MCSE and an FCC General license holder with experience in wireless data
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